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« Mining machinery need to deepen the resource processing Utilization of Mineral Resources as a focal

Development of ideas, in the long-term development and construction, the development of mining machinery to break the traditional model of economic development, and proposed a “conservation of resources, the sound development of the dedication of gold and silver, leaving the mountains,” explicitly states that “the development of circular economy green mine, “the goal, vigorously promote the economic growth model, and actively explore a variety of mining machinery in energy efficiency, conservation of mineral resources and comprehensive utilization of resources, mineral resources are efficiently used, the equipment is more energy-efficient low-carbon, and for tailings disposal has launched a series of crusher and mill and processing equipment, etc., to make full use of the mine production waste mining resources have been recycled effectively reduce the pollution caused by mine wastes on the environment.
Contemporary industrial production and manufacturing technology have occurred in the profound changes, this change is a common feature, which is the application of the original foundation material, deep processing and utilization of a variety of mineral resources, we will not betray the raw materials and development, the new ultra-fine The powder material became upstream of most of the industrial manufacturing and raw materials. Almost capsule scraping all the light and heavy industrial production and manufacturing sector. Ultrafine powder production and processing and application level, has become a measure of the level of development of a National Science and Technology logo. The super thin mill and powder mill for ultrafine powder production occupies an important position in the market of fine powder.
In today’s society and accelerating the economic development mode shift to a higher requirement for resource conservation and comprehensive utilization. The relative lack of mineral resources, China has supported the rapid growth of the national economy 30 years since reform and opening up, China’s resource use on the way to the overall relatively extensive, development and utilization efficiency is not high, resulting in waste of resources and environmental pollution problems. To adapt to the construction of a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society, the general requirements, accelerate the transformation of resource use, and scientific and technological progress as a means to manage innovation, conservation and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources will become an important focal point for the development of various industries, the development green mining and the recycling economy, and comprehensively improve the efficiency and level of mineral resources development and utilization of major mining industry, the mandate and mission.

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